So, how did Dany got the idea in her head that she is the sole saviour of the helpless? And that it is okay to do whatever she pleases to save those people without giving any thoughts to the consequences. Since I have a lot of thoughts on Dany so I’d get straight into it. I’ve tried not to include major spoilers just some minor details which were necessary to include in order to show Dany’s true character.

I hate Daenerys. Period. I liked her in the beginning and even sympathised with her character because she had to face certain hardships while growing up and his brother Viserys was one of them. She was then sold in a marriage to Khal Drogo who raped her. She became the Khaleesi of the Khalasar and tried helping as many people as was in her power. She even saved one woman from getting raped. However, her hypocrite side soon came out when Khal Drogo says, “he’ll rape their women,” and she did nothing. She clearly seemed happy at his rallying cry. She only stands there and admires her husband. One moment she saves women from getting raped and the next moment she didn’t even stand up to her husband when he made such a disgusting comment.

Another thing which completely pissed me of was not Dany’s actions itself but how people react to it. Every time she walks out of the fire, unburnt, people start bowing down to her. Shouldn’t it take a little more to bow down to someone and accept them as your leader (or queen)?

Her rants never end. “She was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms.” No, she wasn’t! As far as I can remember, Dany has only stressed on the fact that she was born to rule the seven kingdoms because her father Mad Aerys Targaryen was a king. She wants the Throne which her father ruled but she doesn’t want herself to be associated with the bad side of her father. A little convenient to grab hold of all the good things and benefits which comes with her father being the King and outright denying the rather bad and cruel side of his.

She clearly has no sense as to how a city should be ruled, let alone the Seven Kingdoms. She abolished slavery and it was good on her part. But she did so without considering what the slaves would do after they have been freed. She didn’t sort out any other opportunities for the slaves. Where are they supposed to work? How are they supposed to earn? She also lacks in strategic and military planning and only cares about adding numbers to her army. Even if she conquers the Seven Kingdoms with her dragons, she is not fit to rule it.

And I’d like to see what she would be able to do without her dragons. Nothing! Everyone fears her because she has three dragons who will burn them if they don’t obey or respect her. Unlike, Lord Tywin who commands respect without having him to beg for it. And it can’t be solely attributed to the fact that people fear him. Sure, she is a lot younger than him but I don’t see her a fine ruler in the years to come, that is if she survives. But fortunately for everyone in Westeros, she wouldn’t!

For all the claims that she is not her father, she sure has a knack for burning things and people as well. The only difference between Daenerys and her father is that Daenerys uses dragons to burn something and someone while her father used Wildfire. She and her father are quite alike. King Aerys would burn people who would dare rebel against him. Dany is, however, a little understanding. She at least gives people a choice. “I offer you a choice. Bend the knee and join me. Or refuse and die.” Great options, Dany! So how is she different from her father?

Image result for dany burning the tarlys

She also claims that she is not Cersei but I’d say she is worse than her. Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is aware of the fact that Cersei is not capable of love and mercy and she would even bleed the realm if it means to protect her family and children. However, the same cannot be said about Dany. Everyone believes her to be a kind and loving queen who cares for her people but that does not guarantee the fact that she wouldn’t burn anything.

Her character only went downhill as the story continued. In a battle against the Lannister army in the seventh season, she burns the wagons which were carrying food. Now was the time she stopped claiming that she is neither Cersei nor Aerys. People who still claim that Dany is good never fails to surprise me!

Image result for dany burning the loot train

So, the first episode of the final season came out recently and once again Dany’s arrogance didn’t surprise me a bit. I’m also glad that she received a huge backlash from so many people. I thought I’d wait for the season to end to write this character analysis but her attitude in the first episode was infuriating from the moment she stepped foot in Winterfell. The way she looks at the Northerners and smiles when the dragons flew above them and they started to run had my blood boiling.

Earlier in the seventh season, she burned Lord Tarly and his son because, well, they refused to bend the knee. This she informs Samwell Tarly when she meets him in the eighth season. She does so with no regret and compassion, whatsoever. Dany wants to kill Jamie because he murdered her father, so my question is, will it be okay if Sam kills her too? Or maybe she’d burn him too! That’s what she’s good at anyway!

Later, to answer Sansa’s questions as to what the dragons eat, she replies with pride, “whatever they want.” I don’t think it was anything to be proud of. She should be able to control her dragons by that time and what and how much they eat. I understand that they shouldn’t be squabbling like they did but Sansa’s concern was valid.

Dany has put undue importance on bending the knee. I wonder when she would be able to look beyond the ‘bend the knee’ situation and realise that people should be saved whether they bend the knee. Later, she scorns Sansa for not respecting her and accepting her as her queen. “She doesn’t need to be my friend but I’m her queen. If she can’t respect me…” She clearly implies a threat here. If a queen has to constantly remind her people that she is their queen and that they should respect her, then she is no true queen and deserves no respect. How dare she scorn Sansa anyway?

Image result for dany and sansa scenes in season 8

I’m quite sure that she wouldn’t rule the Seven Kingdoms because George R. R. Martin said in an interview that he does not like lost queen trope and I’m glad for it. Another thing which I can say with absolute surety is that Jon would make a far better ruler than Dany. To sum up my character analysis of Daenerys Targaryen, I’d only say what Sam said about her to Jon on him bending the knee to Dany so he could save his people who chose him as King in the North.

“Daenerys is our queen.”
“She shouldn’t be. You gave up your crown to save your people. Would she do the same?”

No, she would never do what Jon did!

What do you think about Dany? Do you like her and think she could be a good queen? If not, which character do you think should rule the Seven Kingdoms? Let me know in the comments below! Also, I’d like to know what did you think about Jon and Dany’s romantic dragon ride? I thought it couldn’t have been anymore silly!



  1. I don’t watch GoT but even then I could tell from the clips I’ve seen that Daenerys doesn’t have the gravitas of a ruler. She seems way too power hungry. I wonder who’ll be the ruler in the end…


      1. I like Sansa, but she doesn’t seem strong enough to be queen of a large kingdom…but that’s just coming from someone who hasn’t even watched GoT so what do I know?😁


  2. Great post! I totally agree. I’ve not liked her since the second season. She doesn’t know how to truly rule. She knows how to conquer and win, but not how to be a true leader. I think she used to have a compassionate heart, but then it all went to her head. Now she is just arrogant and power hungry. I really hope that Sansa somehow manages to come out on the Iron Throne…


    1. Thank you! She is absolutely not compassionate! More than anything going to her head, I think she has been the same from the very beginning. She just didn’t have the dragons earlier to burn everything down. Duh!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful post… and I have really been thinking about Sam’s last line too… because he is very justified in asking that… and Jon can’t even say Yes because it isn’t true… she would never choose ppl before her crown…


      1. The last episode really killed all the joy for me too… the character development is not making much sense anymore and it’s almost like they just want to get it over with 🙄🙄


  4. I have very mixed feelings about show Dany because I have very mixed feelings about the show writing that colors my thoughts. Your essay is excellent and brings up a lot of good points. Also just finished a reread of book one and couldn’t help but think Mirri Mirri Daz was, well if she wasn’t sympathetic she at least had a point about Dany “saving her” after she had already been repeatedly raped and watched her village destroyed and people, including children she knew all her life brutally murdered Dany really shouldn’t have been surprised that she didn’t bow down and thank her for her actions.

    Martin’s lost Queen quote is interesting. If he doesn’t like that I can’t imagine he’s going to easily embrace the lost Prince. I honestly think if he ever finishes were going to get more of a council and a move away from the old world systems Dany represents.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this! I’m very much looking forward to multiple people’s reactions to Jaime!


    1. I tried not to judge her on the shows but eventually, that’s all we have for now!
      With lost prince, are you referring to Jon or Aegon? Well if it is Jon, he is not really a lost prince! Is he? Even if you consider him that, he neither wishes to conquer nor rule!
      Girl, I’m so disappointed with Season 8 Jamie! Jamie and Cersei’s character are not hated because they are not hypocrites. They never pretended to be saviours of humanity!


  5. Hahaha I love this post! I haven’t read the books, so I can’t say what her character was intended to be like, but I didn’t like Dany early on either. She felt a bit like a poster child who was enabled by good people around her (and luck), and although people praised her empowerment, I only saw a few instances in the series of where she was able to do things for herself without her powers or people to do them for her.

    Again, Dany’s gone through a lot, and I love how confident she is, but that confidence has definitely turned into arrogance at some point. I thought she was faking it to get people to come to her side, but I think it’s genuinely become a problem at this point. She now legit scares me that she’s going to try to kill one of the other MCs because she feels threatened. 😂😂


    1. Yeah, she frightens me too! And, i completely agree that she had good people around her to help her! And let’s not forget the dragons! I doubt she would have been able to accomplish anything without instilling the fear of dragons anyway!

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