A little late but a very Happy New Year Everyone! 2018 has been a good and a bad year but I suppose that is the way of life. I focused too much on work and neglected all most everything else. I’ve been trying to catch up with old friends and hope to continue it in the future!

I read 80 books and it was not difficult to pick up the favourites. First, the number is not too high. Second, I read some exceptional books this year!


It will be my favourite book/play for life, as dramatic as it sounds. This play is a masterpiece. I have always been a Shakespeare fan but Macbeth used to be my favourite until I read Hamlet, of course. Shakespeare had this ability to make his characters come alive and feel real even without any descriptions of the character. I could always picture the characters. Hamlet is a great play about grief, revenge and power. Haider is a Bollywood movie, starring Shahid Kapoor, based on Hamlet and it is one of my favourite Bollywood movies of all-time. Image result for haider gif


My friend gifted me this book and I’ve put this off for almost two years. I finally read it and I absolutely loved it. I’ll recommend this book to everyone. If there is one thing which can really bring about some change in the world is education. Not politics. Not War.


Oscar Wilde, it is! It had to be on my favourite reads! As profound as the other works of Wilde. It’s funny, witty and absolutely brilliant. There’s always a dark humour to Wilde’s which mirrors the reality. This is what makes Wilde’s writing stands out among other authors. I also read The Picture of Dorian Gray again and I loved it all over again.


I watched the show and I’m obsessed. I don’t even know the number of times I’ve watched it. I watched it again with my sister and again while I read the corresponding books. I think I might watch it again before the finale. The writing style is the highlight of this series. George R.R. Martin has created a world which is vivid but not overwhelming. Unlike the Lord of The Rings, the world-building does not overshadow the plot. I gifted myself the box-set of A Song of Ice and Fire! It’s beautiful! Image result for game of thrones gif


Another brilliant mystery by Christie! Peril at End House has been my absolute favourite but this was just exceptional. [SPOILERS] Though it seems rather stupid that 12 (if I remember right) people were involved in single murder but I could never guess it.


First ever fantasy book based on Islamic Mythology! I loved everything about this book-the plot, writing style and the characters. The pace was a little slow at times but I enjoyed it all the same. It all deals with social issues such as slavery, oppression and treatment of women.


Another great book with Muslim characters! Apart from the Muslim representation, it also deals with a very important problem of terrorism and how the entire Muslim population is blamed for terrorism. Muslims are blamed and have to face hatred after every terrorist attack irrespective of their involvement. The entire community cannot be blamed and held liable for the crimes of few.


This is a story of a Trans girl who tries to fit in and overcome her fears after the transition. If I was your girl is a debut novel by Meredith Russo, who is a Trans woman. This book also delves into other issues such as transphobia, rape, suicide and homophobia. This book is significant, thought-provoking and emotional and a must-read for everyone. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Which is your favourite book among the books you read in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


21 thoughts on “FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018

  1. I have the whole ASOIAF series myself now thanks to Santa. Planning a reread 🙂

    If I was Your Girl was such a great read. I thought it dealt with the issues really well but also had an optimistic hopeful note that some people will also surprise you in a good way. Happy New Year!

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  2. I read the whole of A Song of Ice and Fire last year and it really is superb. I loved the grittiness of the world-building — the world of Westeros really does feel real in a way that many fantasy worlds do not.

    Also, hats off to George RR Martin for managing to juggle so many characters without the reader ever losing track of any of them.

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    1. I completely agree with you on the world building and the characters. The characters are so well written that despite so many characters there is no confusion whatsoever. Each character has a strong individual personality!

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      1. Absolutely. I think it’s the fact that the characters are so well drawn, and that you actually care about all of them, that makes it so easy to keep track of what is going on.


  3. I completed the ASOIAF series a few years ago, and when reading the last chapter of the last book (to be published, that is), I audibly gasped; I had to re-read the chapter several times before I could believe what had happened!

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  4. 100% agree with you about the Song of Ice and Fire series – the world is so vivid. Also, it’s the first time I’ve heard of Love, Hate and Other Filters – it seems so up my alley, seeing that Muslim representation in popular fiction is quite rare! Thanks for the recommendations!


  5. I just bought an annotated copy of City of Brass, so I’m super excited to read it! Also yes lol, the fact that there were 12 people in a murder kinda had me scratching my head too. 😂
    Terrific list! I have yet to read I Am Malala, but I totally know I’m going to love it. (Though it’s been on my TBR for 3 years sadly….)


    1. I hope you enjoy The City of Brass! 😀
      Yeah, right?! I mean, just imagine all 12 people coming into the compartment for killing a person! 😀 But I didn’t see that coming and that’s what surprised me!
      If possible I’d make everyone read Malala! I hope you love it!

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