Sophia Ismaa

Your friendships, your relationships, your relatives, even WordPress; incels crop up even in the unlikeliest of places. Chances are, if you, as a male or female, have to stroke the ego of every supposedly “nice” man who feels they are entitled to companionship or sexual intercourse because of their self-proclaimed “niceness,” then you are highly probably dealing with an involuntary celibate better known as an ‘incel.’

In early 2018, on the 23rd of April in Toronto, Canada, 25-year-old Alek Minassian intentionally drove a rental van into pedestrians on a busy pavement killing 10 people and attempted to kill 15 others. The victims were mostly female. He is now facing charges for premeditated murder and attempted murder. Minassian had shown his support for the incel movement on a Reddit page dedicated to the movement and it is largely believed that the movement and the 2014 Isla Vista shooting in California…

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