Rating: 4 stars

“Greed may do your bidding, but death serves no man.”

Six of Crows is the first book in the Duology followed by the Crooked Kingdom. The new series takes place in the same world as the Grisha books but is set in a different location and time frame. Kaz Brekker, a thief known as ‘Dirtyands’ and ‘The Bastard of the Barrel’ in Kerch, is promised thirty million Kruge by Van Eck to kidnap Bo Yul-Bayur, a scientist, from the Ice Court. However, the Ice Court is the most highly protected place in Fjerda, and Kaz can’t infiltrate it by himself. He recruits Inej Ghafa, Jesper Fahey, Nina Zenik, and Wylan Van Eck. The task isn’t easy, however, so in order to win, they’ll need to work together and trust each other. Things, however, don’t turn out as planned and they end up kidnapping Kuwei, Bayur’s son instead.

The only reason I gave this book four- stars rating is because I thought it was very convenient for the author to have them find a tank to escape instead of writing a clever escape plan out of the Ice Court. I also felt our characters to be very young for the heist they are required to pull.

I found her writing style both gripping and witty.
“We enter as we are,” Kaz said. “As criminals.”

I adored Bardugo’s way of including the characters’ backstory. It was present as much as was needed. Within a few pages, she managed to write, to show us what was required to shape her characters. I think it was significant to include these tidbits of the characters’ past because their stories, their backgrounds justify their actions and personalities. I was pleased to see the romance was kept to a minimum for retrieving the hostage was the core of the plot and the romance would’ve driven it astray from the plot.

I haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy so I went into this book blindly. I’ve heard readers praise Bardugo’s skills at world building and it didn’t disappoint. It was intricate and vivid. The story ranged from medium to fast pace and explores so many important themes, human trafficking, addiction, disabilities and LGBT.

“The life you live, the hate you feel- it’s poison. I can drink it no more.”

I loved Six of Crows except for a few aspects I mentioned above. I love character-driven stories where all characters get a chance to prove their worth in order to survive. I loved every one of the Dregs, but my favourite was certainly Inej Ghafa, and their conversations a pure delight to read. I highly recommend this book to everyone looking for a gripping, dark and witty plot.

I’m at a lack of words and hence couldn’t write a proper review. I cannot truly express how much I enjoyed reading Six of Crows. Anyway, thank you for reading my review.

“No mourners,” Jesper said. “No funerals,” the rest of the dregs murmured in reply.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


34 thoughts on “SIX OF CROWS by LEIGH BARDUGO

  1. Sounds like an interesting read, I noticed you mentioned that it explores relevant topics to today’s society but have noticed lately the LGBT have entered many entertainment genres. Do you think with this book that it uses this as a marketing ploy or played throughout the book as in a big attention kind of way? or just casually noted within the text. I am curious as I have noticed it especially within shows now that it is brought right in front of the audience and made a fuss over it rather than allowing it to be more a part of life and that to me puts a down turn on the Show/book. Great review thanks.

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    1. Leigh Bardugo often explores various sexualities in her books and does so quite properly. The gay characters in this book are normalised that is, casually noted within the text. I understand what you’re saying here. When such themes aren’t represented justifiably in media, it can elicit a negative response from the audience.

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  2. I love how you are perhaps the first person to point out a flaw in this book. It’s amazing but it’s not perfect! The presence of the tunnel was pretty convenient and a cop-out, I would have expected the dregs to be able to generate a plan even in the last minute at least. Good review! 👍

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