Rating: 4 stars

The author, John Thomas, provided me with an eBook in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

“Remember this- you get to choose what you want to be. You alone. No one else. Others might find your dreams to be far-fetched and stupid. But that’s alright. You must follow your heart irrespective of what other’s think.”

Keith Kurien works at H&G Mumbai. Being solely responsible for financially supporting his family, he works hard in his job in IT sector. He even works extra hours regularly to earn a high percentage of annual appraisal. He had planned to go watch a movie with his girlfriend, Maya but unfortunately, his manager, Mathur entrusts him with an unplanned work. Having required completing the task on the same day, he cancelled his plan and eventually Maya dumps him. He receives a poor appraisal at work. He miserably fails to maintain a balance between his professional and personal life. He is no longer interested in his work when he gets a new opportunity to work on a new project in Bangalore. His new and temporary manager, Ramesh encourages him to follow his heart to fulfil his dream.

I find self-help books cliché with the same advice of ‘following your heart’. It’s easier said than done. I gave this book four-stars rating for this reason and also some conversations between characters had me rolling my eyes.

“The message looked good to go. Keith sighed, closed his eyes and pressed the send button. A second later, a rupee got deducted from his prepaid balance. The message was delivered.” This is a small thing but a regular aspect of life. I’ve never read it before in a book.

Football and cricket, though a team game is totally different. And it’s not only in terms of rules. I think it’s obvious. The difference between cricket and football however vivid, I never realized it until I read it.

“It’s quite different from cricket. It is a team game. Yes, cricket is also a team game. But at a given moment, there is only one person bowling or batting. But football is so different. Every player is involved throughout the game. I just love that about football.”

A simple rule, to find a solution to our problems, we need to ask ourselves a positive question and not a negative one.

“So I need to ask myself positive questions. But I can’t think of any. How do I start?”

I found the writing style simple and less detailed yet beautiful and impactful.

“Some memories live forever. Fighting the steady and strong flow of time, they remain etched in our hearts.”

The story hit me hard and kept me hooked, fluctuating between medium and fast pace. Self-help books are usually predictable ending with the protagonist achieving his/her goal. And, thus the authors tend to deviate from the original plot and readers are left to read a monotonous guide to follow their heart. This was the only self-help book I’ve read and enjoyed after ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. It only seems fitting when Ramesh gifted The Alchemist to Keith when he was about to quit the pursuit of his dream.

I won’t say the story ends with a twist because probably many of you would guess it. So did I. But surely it was an inspirational read. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. And if you’re facing career issue and looking for a genuine self-help book, I highly recommend this book.

“Life isn’t fair always. All we can do is take such instances with a pinch of salt.”

Which self-help book did you enjoy?




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