Rating: 3 stars

“He didn’t trust other people, not with knowledge or with power, and certainly not with both.”

A tale of two brilliant and arrogant students of Lockland University who went from roommates to friends to worst enemies possible. A vicious tale of monstrosities, malice and revenge.

Victor promised he’d come for Eli. And he did. After a decade of imprisonment at Wrighton Federal Penitentiary, he breaks out of prison with his cellmate, Mitch. On his way to Merit, he rescued a girl, Sydney, who has been shot in the arm. Like every other EO, she too has experienced a Near Death Experience. Victor planned to take revenge on Eli. Who will survive in the end?

“But he didn’t only cause pain; Victor also took it away.”

Eli chose ‘Extraordinary’ as the topic for his thesis. People with superpowers. Pain and fear are the most important elements in the process of making an EO. Everything went terribly wrong when Victor and Eli decided to go beyond their thesis and put their theoretical knowledge to application. It was Eli who, first, survived the experiment with a distinct superpower. Driven by jealousy, Victor carried out the experiment again and he too survived with a superpower. However, someone else didn’t. So victor ended up in a prison. Meanwhile, Eli had been hunting and killing EOs for he considers them ‘unnatural’ and ‘against god’. Until he came across a strong-willed and determined girl, Serena, whom he found hard to resist and even hard to kill.

“I figured that trauma could cause the body to chemically alter.”

The issue I had with the book was its plot. At the prison, Victor was neither suspected nor blamed for hurting a prisoner. Well, if that’s the case, why not do it in the first place when he was convicted of a murder and imprisoned a decade ago. Also, so many coincidences to be real, even in fiction.

As for the characters, I despise Eli’s notion of killing EOs because he considered them an affront to nature and god. He even explained the reasons behind his actions before murdering EOs. How they were already dead and their very existence, criminal. He considered his powers, a shield against EOs, reflexive. Wasn’t he an affront to nature, being an EO himself? I, however, loved Victor, Mitch and Sydney.

It was an intriguing read and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The writing style itself is brilliant. The first chapter is set in the present time, while the next chapter is set in the past. And the story continues so. And how there is a monster in each one of us, whether an EO, is vivid.

“We are all monsters.”

Have you read Vicious? How di you like it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “VICIOUS by V.E. SCHWAB

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